About Feldman Homes

Photo of Ruben Feldman, Architect

Feldman Homes LLC

Feldman Homes, LLC is managed by and named after Architect Ruben Feldman. He is a reliable professional who always delivers good products and results to his clients.

Creating Well-Designed Home Plans and Renderings

Look no further than Feldman Homes LLC in Washington, DC when you need an experienced architect to design your dream home’s plan. Commission our architectural experts to draw your home’s layout or buy one of our pre-drawn blueprints for a new residence.

Our services are available to every state of the US.

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Our Mission

To deliver a well-designed product that will address the client’s needs. 

Why Choose Us

You will be presented with well-designed home plans and renderings that were made using CAD and Illustrator. To deliver the final proposals, we will consider your desired details and incorporate them into our plans. We will do everything that we can to make you satisfied with our work while keeping the plans within code for your location.